March 2020 Roster

We’re over halfway through with March by now but I thought I would finally get round to posting my roster for the month – better late than never I guess…

Manchester, UK (Layover)
London Heathrow, UK (Layover)
Chennai, India (Layover)
Chennai, India (Turnaround)
Stansted, London (Layover)
Houston, Texas USA (Layover) **I have swapped this for Chicago, Illinois USA** **NOW REMOVED FROM ROSTER**

So, a lot of UK flights! I actually forgot to bid this month so I didn’t request any of those flights but I was very happy to see two London flights on my roster. I don’t have much planned for Manchester except shopping and stocking up on some English food.

Then I have two flights to Chennai – one a layover which is lovely, followed by a turnaround which is not so lovely as it is a very long night flight. I have been to Chennai before and I remember the hotel was beautiful, so I’m looking forward to that!

Lastly, I have another flight to Houston, Texas. Since I have just come back from Houston, I really don’t fancy going there again so soon. Since writing this, I have now managed to swap this flight to Chicago which is really exciting as it is a new destination and I am really looking forward to seeing The Bean and eating some Chicago-style deep dish pizza!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

4 thoughts on “March 2020 Roster

  1. Kerry … are you actually still coming to the USA? I think they’ve closed the borders? If you do come you will have to get takeaways and stay in your hotel because of this darn virus. Let us know how the COVID-19 is impacting your work!


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