Düsseldorf, Germany

Another German flight for me – this time to Düsseldorf! I can now officially say I have ticked off all of the German cities that Emirates flies to, I just need to visit Berlin now, but Sadly Emirates doesn’t fly there yet. The flight departed from Dubai at 9am and we arrived into Düsseldorf International Airport at around 1:30pm. I didn’t have any plans for Düsseldorf, but when we arrived, I had the urge to go into the city and do some shopping.

Ready to do a bit of shopping

I took the train from the airport terminal and got off four stops later at the main train station – Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof Central Station. The weather wasn’t great as it was pouring with rain, but despite this I walked into the city and headed to the shops.

Train to Düsseldorf Central Station
Rainy Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

The city felt very quiet, almost like a ghost town! After I got out of the station, I walked for about 15-20 minutes to the shopping area and hardly saw a single person in sight! A lot of the small local shops were closed too. I eventually made it to a Zara and a H&M store and bought a couple of bits which ended up to be the highlight of my layover!


I realised later that I was in Königsallee which is known as the most luxurious and wealthiest shopping area in Düsseldorf so after a bit of window shopping, I decided to make my way back.

Königsallee shopping street
Königsallee Canal

As the rain hadn’t stopped and I was feeling quite tired I walked back to the train station and then took the same train back towards the airport terminal. I stopped off at the supermarket and bumped into a few crew stocking up on fruit and veg so I bought a few more bits and then came back to the room.

I had an early night with some room service and TV. The rain carried on throughout the night which was quite cosy!

Hotel room view

Not a very eventful layover but I’m glad I got out into the city and did a bit of shopping. After my last flight (multi-sector trip to Milan and New York) it was quite nice to have a more relaxed layover!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


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