Cabin Crew Hairstyles

Here at Emirates, we are particularly conscious of our image and uniform and the grooming standards that are in place. We have a select number of hairstyles that are allowed, so I thought I would show you the hairstyles I wear. I am very lazy with my hair normally, and not the best at styling, but these hairstyles work for me. My hair is really long so it’s quite difficult to get it all tucked in and look somewhat neat. I’m desperate to get it cut, but I don’t think that will be anytime soon now with everything going on!



Firstly, our hair should be clean and neatly presented at all times. Hair colour should be consistent and any loose strands should be pinned back. All hair accessories such as hair ties, pins, hairnets and donuts should match the colour of our hair and we are allowed to wear a red scrunchie to complete the look. Hairstyles permitted are a French roll or up-roll, braid, or bun.


My hair is naturally very thick and frizzy so I normally always smooth it over before I do my hair for work. I use the Dyson Airwrap smoothing brush to go over any frizzy areas and mainly the front flyaway bits to make it easier to style.

Dyson Airwrap
Before and after using the Dyson Airwrap
Products that I use
Donut, pins, scrunchie, hair ties and hair net



The first hairstyle I wear is a low bun using a donut. I normally wear this hairstyle if I have recently straightened my hair as it stays in place, or on a short flight. I wouldn’t wear the donut on a ULR (ultra long range) flight as I normally sleep with my hair in and this would be pretty uncomfortable! The first thing I do is to brush my hair back and put it into a sleek pony tail.


I then thread my hair through the donut and then cover it with my hair. As my hair is long, I have to twist my hair around the donut a couple of times to tuck it all in.

Wrapping my hair around the donut

Next, I add the hair net and scrunchie. I wasn’t so keen on wearing a hair net to begin with but it actually helps neaten things up and keeps everything in the place. The scrunchie also covers up any pins and adds a pop of colour.

Hair net
Finished look
Finished look

Last but not least, I complete the look with the signature red hat! I still love wearing the hat every time I put it on. It is such an iconic look and by far, the best part of the uniform.

Hairstyle complete with the Emirates hat
Hairstyle complete with the Emirates hat



Next up is probably by go-to hairstyle that I always wear – a plaited bun. I do the same sleek ponytail as the previous hairstyle, but this time I plait it and then twist it around to make it into a bun.

Plaited ponytail
Wrapping the plait into a bun

I put a hair tie around the bun but it doesn’t feel properly secure until I add a hair net and pins. These keep it in place and tidy all the loose ends.  It is definitely much more comfortable than the donut and takes less time too.

Plaited bun
Finished look
Plaited bun in the uniform



The last hairstyle is similar to number 2, but with an added plait going through the top of my hair into the bun (a little bit hard to explain). I started doing this hairstyle after I got a fringe cut as it was a good way to hide the fringe and keep it away from my face. I start off by sectioning the front part of my hair, and then plaiting it all the way back.

Front section of hair
Plaiting the hair

I then put the rest of my hair into a ponytail, plait it and twist it around to form a bun. Again, I secure it with a hairnet and then finish it off with the red scrunchie.

The finished look


Finished look in the uniform


And there we have it…three easy hairstyles which are practical, quick and great for work. Each of these only take me 5 minutes and don’t require much skill. I would love to be able to French plait my hair or even put it in a French roll, but I think my hair is too long for that.

Hopefully when I get it cut, I will be able to play around with more hairstyles.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo



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