Tunis, Tunisia

I was so excited to be heading to Tunis as I had seen some lovely photos of the city and had lots planned for the layover. I really wanted to visit Sidi Bou Said which looks like a mini Santorini, and quite a few of the crew were up for it too so I couldn’t wait to land and get going to the hotel.

The drive to the hotel
Beautiful hotel

Unfortunately, when we arrived in the hotel, 5 minutes after checking into my room, we were informed that there was a nearby terrorist related incident, which meant we couldn’t leave the hotel. It was a real shame as we were all looking so forward to exploring the town, however, it just wasn’t safe or worth the risk.

Myself and five other crew members still decided to meet downstairs and we ended up having a few drinks in the hotel bar. We then went to an Italian restaurant in the hotel and had a lovely three course meal! What else was there to do!? Luckily the hotel was more of a resort so I didn’t mind staying in at all.

Sunset view from my balcony

I came back to my room early and made full use out of the wifi to call home. I spoke to my mum, sister and nephew which was so nice.

The next morning, I was up fairly early as I wanted to make use of the hotel’s facilities before the pickup. I had breakfast downstairs, then had a walk around the resort. As I had some money leftover from my allowance, I treated myself to a full body scrub and enjoyed the beautiful Hammam (similar to Turkish baths) in the resort. It was so relaxing and just what I needed before my flight back to Dubai!

Hotel swimming pool


Entrance to the Hammam


It was then pretty much time to head back to my room and start getting ready for the flight back to Dubai.

Despite not being able to leave the hotel, I still had a lovely layover with great crew. I will definitely bid for this flight again in the future so that I can properly explore the city and see what Sidi Bou Said has to offer!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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