Top 15 Emirates Flight Attendant Must Haves

I saw a few other flight attendant blogs do this so I thought I would put together my very own ‘must-have’ list and show you some of my most essential items! There are several items that I couldn’t live without and I make sure I always pack before a trip…

  1. Travel Adapter

This is by far the most important thing that I always carry in my cabin bag! Each region has a different plug socket type, therefore I always need an adapter so that I can connect my phone/laptop charger.

Travel adapters

2. Facial Spray

Using a facial spray is a great way of refreshing my makeup and hydrating my face whilst in the air. I use the Pixi Glow Mist and I always pack this in my cabin bag as it is below 100ml. I use it a number of times throughout the flight just to wake up my face and give it some moisture. I bought this from Boots UK.

Facial spray


3. Lip balm

Having a good lip balm is essential as my lips always get so dry. I apply it before I put my red lipstick on, and throughout the flight over the lipstick. I absolutely swear by the Lucas Paw Paw Ointment but I am nearly running out of this, so the last time I was in the US, I picked up this Smiths Rosebud Salve from Ulta Beauty and it is pretty good.

Lip balm


4. Hot Water Bottle

I only recently got this hot water bottle as a gift for Christmas from my sister and it has changed my life! It can get soooo cold on the aircraft, so having this is a life saver. I use it during the long flights when we get a rest break. It now comes everywhere with me and I even use it in hotel rooms as I’m constantly cold! This hot water bottle is from Primark.

Hot Water Bottle


5. Umbrella

Next up is an umbrella – essential! I keep this packed in my suitcase as you never know when you are going to need it. I bought this Espirit one from TK Maxx a while ago.



6. Swimwear

I always pack a swimsuit/bikini in my suitcase on every trip as a lot of hotels have a swimming pool or sauna. I don’t always use them, but it’s nice to have the option. The black one shoulder swimsuit is from H&M and the polka dot bikini is from Garage.



7. Face Mask

I try to use a face mask once a week so I normally stock up on loads whenever I go to Asia as they have so many great ones that are really cheap too! I always have one in my toiletries bag and will save it for when I am having a relaxing layover, or on my days off in Dubai. I always choose hydrating ones as my skin is very dry.

Face mask


8. Hand Cream

As with everything else, my hands get so dry on the aircraft so I always carry a couple of hand creams – either in my bag or in my waistcoat pocket. I love both of these hand creams as they smell amazing, they are from the Body Shop and Champneys Spa in the UK.

Hand cream


9. Flask

I love drinking tea on the aircraft, so I started bring my own flask on board (I got this one from Victoria Secret for free as I spent over a certain amount). This way, it never gets cold and passengers will not come and help themselves to my tea – yes, they do do that!



10. Note Pad

I carry a couple of note pads with me to work – one for the briefing room details and one for passenger requests on the aircraft. During the briefing, I write down the key flight details such as aircraft registration number, flight time and flight number, as well as the captain names and my work position. I then keep a small note pad in my waistcoat pocket to write down any drinks orders I get from passengers.

Note pad


11. Extra Long Charging Cable

I bought this extra long charging cable from Primark and it is so handy, particularly in hotel rooms when they don’t have a plug socket near the bed. This always comes with me in my cabin bag!

Extra long charging cable


12. Sunglasses

I generally always have a pair of sunglasses in my cabin bag that I leave in there for my layovers. I love this pair of Ray-Ban’s that I got in a small boutique in London – I wear them all the time!



13. Sun Cream

Hand in hand with sunglasses, I always a pack a bottle of suncream in my toiletries bag as I put it on every day. I use a face moisturiser with spf, then I will put additional sun cream on my neck and chest and anywhere else that is exposed. I love the P20 brand as you only have to apply it once and it stays on all day. Alternatively, I use Soltan from Boots UK, always in factor 50.

Sun cream


14. Roll-On Deodorant

I said earlier that it is always so cold on the aircraft, however, during the service it can actually get pretty hot, walking up and down the aisle, pushing carts, serving food and drinks and everything else that we do! Therefore, it’s essential that I keep a small roll on deodorant with me just in case I want to freshen up! I use the Mitchum deodorant in the ‘Powder Fresh’ scent which smells lovely.

Roll-on deodorant


15. Pranamat Massage Mat

Since working as a Cabin Crew, I have developed terrible lower back pain from all the lifting of heavy containers and closing the overhead stowage lockers. My mum bought me the Pranamat massage mat for Christmas and it is great for relieving tension and overall pain in my lower back. I obviously don’t pack this with me or take it on layovers, but as soon as I get back to Dubai, I lay on this for about 30 minutes and feel so much better!

Pranamat massage mat


And there we have it, my top 15 must-have items! I definitely couldn’t live without these items as they make my work life so much easier.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

2 thoughts on “Top 15 Emirates Flight Attendant Must Haves

  1. That is very helpful and some of these items also helpful for passenger onboard not only for crew. thanks a-lot for listing up that, waiting your next one 🙂


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