Open Day

I attended the Manchester open day on Saturday 21 April 2018. I decided to go to the Manchester open day rather than London as I thought it would be less busy than the London open day, and also, if I didn’t make it through, I could then go to the London open day the following weekend. My mum also offered to come with me to Manchester so we made a weekend out of it and stayed for two nights in a hotel!

The open day started at 9am, although I was so eager I got there about 8am! Hundreds of girls were flooding into the hotel where the open day was held. My mum kept saying that we all looked like clones – red lipstick, hair in a bun and business attire!

Open day
All ready for the Open day!

I never expected the open day to be so busy, I think there was around 400 people who showed up. We all piled into a large conference room and sat in rows of chairs. The recruiters welcomed us and told us what to expect from the day. I think they were also overwhelmed by how many people there were! This was the first Emirates open day held in the UK since recruitment freeze in 2016 so people had travelled far to attend.

Open days are open to everyone and you do not need an invitation to show up. If you are successful you will be invited back for the assessment day. One by one, we were asked to go up to the recruiter and hand them our CV and photographs. The recruiter gave everyone a number on a sticker and asked a couple of questions. My questions were “What are you currently doing” and “How did you hear about the open day”. You only have about 10 seconds to really shine and make a great first impression because before you know it, the girl behind has been called up.

After everyone was seen, we had to wait for the results. We were told that they would write all the numbers of people who were NOT successful on a white board. My number for the open day was 83 and I was praying I did not see this number. Luckily my number was not on the board! I was so happy I’d made it through to the assessment day! The assessment day was going to be held the following day at 9am.

I met some lovely girls at the Open day who also made it through to the assessment day. We swapped numbers and agreed to meet up the next morning.

My mum and I then went out and enjoyed a sunny day in Manchester shopping followed by dinner at Burger and Lobster!


Me and my Mum wandering around Manchester


Burger and Lobster

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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