Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It’s been a while since my last layover, and after two turnarounds to India and my 6 month graduation, I couldn’t wait to get back in sky and spend 24 hours in a new city! This time, I was heading to Amsterdam. I have been to Amsterdam twice before on holiday, so it wasn’t a new destination, however, I was looking forward to walking around the canals and doing some shopping!

The departure out of Dubai was at 8:05am so a very early start, luckily though, the flight wasn’t full so it was an enjoyable 7 hours over to Schiphol airport. We arrived at the hotel around 2pm.

Lovely hotel room

I didn’t hang about long, as I wanted to get out early so that I could come back early. I changed and then made my way over to the train station and took the train into Amsterdam Centraal station.

Train to Amsterdam Centraal
Amsterdam Centraal

I then walked up to Dam Square, stopping off along the way for some lunch. There were some protests going on in the square so I didn’t stay for long and instead made my way to the canals.

Amsterdam Tram
Dam Square
Dam Square


Lunch at Burger Fabriek



I then decided to do some shopping as they have lots of good shops here and the January sales were still on so I hit up Primark, Bershka and Zara and got a few bits.

Rubber duck shop!
Shopping street

I then walked back towards the train station, via the red light district!

Red Light District

And that was everything I got up to in the city! I came back to the hotel and Facetimed my sister, nephew, mum and friend and then had an early night. The next morning, I decided to just stay in the hotel room and order some breakfast instead of going out. It is my favourite thing to do when it’s cold and miserable outside!

Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed

It was then time to get ready for the 6 hour flight back to Dubai. I had a lovely 24 hours in Amsterdam and always enjoy my time here. I’m looking forward to visiting some new destinations though, so can’t wait for Venice in a few weeks!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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