My flight to Dubai

Today is the day! I can’t believe it. I am currently sitting on the plane on my way to Dubai. It feels so surreal that this is happening.

I barely slept last night and got up about 5am to get myself ready and pack my final bits. Today has got to be one of the hottest days in London this year so running around the house and lugging around two huge suitcases, a cabin bag and a handbag (filled to the brim) was not easy! I had so much stuff it wouldn’t fit in the car so we took the train to Gatwick airport and I was joined by my mum, sister, Cara and nephew, Hadley and they were a great help.

Mum, Cara & Hadley

Soon after I arrived in the terminal, I found the Emirates desk, checked in and then took lots of pictures by the Emirates sign. I was slightly over my allowance but luckily I was let off, and I also got given priority security clearance.



Things then got a bit emotional as reality started to kick in. It really is bittersweet as I am so incredibly sad to leave my amazing family, but then absolutely buzzing to start a new life in Dubai. They are always by my side every step of the way so it will be hard, however, we will never lose our close bond.


Before I knew it I was in the departures lounge and heading towards the gate. As I boarded the plane, I told the cabin supervisor who was greeting people that I was actually joining Emirates as Cabin Crew. He was so welcoming and wrote down my seat number.


Word got around, and I ended up having the most amazing flight ever. A lovely girl called Charlotte, also from London welcomed me and took me on a tour of the plane. I even got to go upstairs and have a glass of champagne in the bar. All the crew were so lovely and there was also a girl from Argentina who was on her ‘supy’ flight (first flight) with Emirates so it was lovely chatting to her.

Stairway to heaven

I honestly felt like a queen, I was so spoiled and it was such a lovely welcome. Charlotte also packed me a bag of snacks to help me feel settled when I arrive in my apartment.

Finally getting to wear the red hat!


Such a great flight! Absolutely loved it and can’t wait to arrive in my apartment, meet my flat mates and get all settled.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

One thought on “My flight to Dubai

  1. Loved how you finally got to walk up the “stairway to heaven” as we tried so many times but couldn’t get past the first step 🤣🤣
    So glad to see that you were given such a warm welcome and made to feel special not forgetting to wear the red hat!! Keep us posted with your amazing adventures xxxx


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