Miami, Florida

Our next stop on the holiday was Miami, another place I have wanted to visit for a while! We landed in Fort Lauderdale in the evening and then we decided to rent a car in the airport and drive to Miami. We booked a B&B that was a 5 minute walk from South Beach so we made our way there and then slept directly as it was about 11pm when we finally got checked in.

The next morning, we woke up early, had breakfast and then walked to South Beach to see the iconic art deco lifeguard huts. There are so many of them lined up on the beach in all different colours and designs.


Ocean Drive


South Beach


South Beach



South Beach was so pretty, not quite a Mexican beach, but I was really impressed at how clean it was! We walked along the beach but didn’t go swimming as it was quite rough so we thought we’d come back another day to do that. Next, we checked out the Versace Mansion and then we walked towards Lincoln Road which is full of shops and restaurants. The weather was amazing so we sat outside and had some lunch.

Versace Mansion
Versace Mansion
Lincoln Road


After a long day of walking around and exploring Miami, we made our way back to the B&B and then got ready for the evening. We drove over to Wynwood and found a Shisha place where we sat outside playing cards. After a few hours, we drove back to South Beach and had a walk down Ocean Drive which was great for people watching!


Ocean Drive
Ocean Drive


The next day we decided to go back to Wynwood and see the Wynwood Walls of graffiti. There were so many cool displays so we took lots of pictures and went in lots of the small boutique shops.

Wynwood Walls


We then drove to Little Havana and I honestly felt like I was in Cuba!! We went into the tiniest cafe/restaurant down a side street and had the best meal of the entire holiday – it was called Ropa Vieja which I later found out is one of the national dishes of Cuba! It was sooooo nice but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Little Havana


After this, we decided to rent a Lime scooter each and ride around Downtown Miami. It was such a fun way to see more of the city and the perfect end to the day. We didn’t do much that night, we just bought some snacks from Publix supermarket and then went to Lincoln Road again where we sat and had a drink.


The next day, as we had pretty much seen most of Miami, we decided to go back to South Beach and go swimming as it was too rough to go in the sea the first day. We relaxed on the beach for a few hours, had lunch and then walked back to our B&B to try and decide what we wanted to do for the night.

South Beach


Juice stop

I had just got out of the shower and was checking my phone when I saw an advert pop up for a Camila Cabello concert tonight at the Filmore Theatre just around the corner from us. I frantically searched for tickets and managed to find 2 tickets on Stubhub for only $25 each!! I couldn’t believe our luck. We got ready quickly as the concert was starting in a few hours and then we made our way to the venue. It was so last minute but we ended up having such an amazing night.

To Camila!


Filmore, Miami



Camila Cabello



It was such a good concert, and turns out Camila actually grew up in Miami so it was extra special to see her perform in her hometown. It was also such an unexpected night for us, but it made our last night in Miami definitely one to remember. We finished off the night by going to Española Way for some late night food.

Española Way


The next day, it was time to drive back to Fort Lauderdale as our flight back to Dubai was in the evening. We had the most amazing time in Miami, it really exceeded my expectations as I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. The entire holiday was better than I could have imagined!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


6 thoughts on “Miami, Florida

  1. That was a great time. I enjoyed every moment. I wish i could do that again and again. Camila concerts was a great ending of the holiday.


  2. Kerry & Mamdouh
    Very happy to see you guys enjoyed our city. Lincoln road is THE place to be for restaurants.Still, lot to see. You can visit Key West with some breathtaking scenic drive.You could even take an one or two day cruise to The Bahamas. Well,you can do next time.


    1. Hi Ken, thanks for your comment. We were actually looking to book a cruise but our holiday dates didn’t really match up with the cruise departure dates but hopefully another time we will get the chance 😊


  3. Kerry,
    What a great visit to the USA. I will have to ask that you share a link to the AirBnB to stayed at … I have been trying to find an AirBnB for my visit there in February. (I know I should have something booked but I keep going back n forth between hotel & AirBnB)


    1. Hi Lindsay, I actually booked it through – it was called Bars B&B South Beach. Would highly recommend. The breakfast was amazing, room was spotless and the staff were really friendly and helpful!


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