Lisbon, Portugal

It was an 8 hour flight over to Lisbon, and with minimal rest between my last flight and not a single bit of sleep before this flight, I was feeling very tired and couldn’t wait to land! I have been to Lisbon before on a city break holiday for a long weekend so I didn’t have much planned for this layover.

We arrived at the hotel around 1pm and I dived straight into my bed and caught up on some much needed sleep. I am normally always so eager to get out into the city and explore straight away, however, I haven’t felt this tired in a long time so I decided to sleep instead.

Goodnight at 1pm!

I set my alarm for 5pm and then got changed and went into the city. All I wanted to do was go and buy some pastéis de nata (Portuguese custard tart) as I was completely obsessed with them last time I was here! I took an Uber into the city, got some dinner and then stopped off at Manteigaria – a pastéis de nata factory!



The perfect combo


I was in my element in there, watching how they are made whilst eating them with a cup of tea! I bought lots to take back with me to Dubai too. I then had a little walk around nearby, but it was pouring with rain and it was getting quite late at this point so I didn’t stay long.



Portuguese pavements

I then came back to the hotel and slept until the next morning. The wake up call was at 10:30am so I had time for some room service and an episode of Power!


It wasn’t a very exciting layover and its probably the least I have done on a layover since I started flying, however, I’m glad I rested and I don’t feel like I have missed out on much as I have visited Lisbon before.

I am now looking forward to three days off in Dubai before my next, very very exciting flight to London Gatwick!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


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