London, UK

I managed to change my Paris flight and swap onto a London Gatwick last minute which I was over the moon about. I was in Paris on Christmas day and did lots in the city so I didn’t fancy returning so soon after, so instead I snapped up the opportunity to go home!

The flight over was great! It was my first time doing duty free and I even managed to sell 3 items – bonus! We landed early, at 11:30am and then made our way to the hotel. My Mum, Sister and Nephew were all waiting for me at the hotel which was a lovely welcoming! It was so good to see them after 3 months. I changed quickly in the hotel room, and then we drove home.

Drive home

The weather was gorgeous, freezing, but sunny and blue skies. We stopped off at our local shopping centre as I wanted to stock up on a few toiletries and some other bits that I can’t get in Dubai.

We then home to see my mum’s husband who I haven’t seen since I left back in July – over 6 months ago! It was so nice seeing him and being back home. I also raided my wardrobe and made a pile of things to bring back with me.

We then drove back to my sister’s and played games with my nephew. We played the most awful game ever called ‘What’s that smell?’ – you have to guess the smell by scratching the card. It was horrendous, and we all nearly got sick but it was such a laugh!

Reunited with my favourites

I then put my nephew to bed and ended up falling asleep next to him and missing Ibiza Weekender which I was looking forward to watching all week because I can’t watch it in Dubai!!!! Gutted! I must of been tired!

Out cold!

We was all up early the next morning as my mum and sister both had work, and my nephew had school. I got the train back to Crawley, via a quick breakfast stop in London Bridge.


Luckily, I got back to the hotel with an hour to spare before my wake up call so I had a quick nap before getting ready.

I had such a good time in London with my family! 24 hours is definitely not long enough though, however, next month I have annual leave so I’m looking forward to spending more time at home.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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