Just four days after my birthday I was flying to Mauritius which I couldn’t wait for! My sister and I came on holiday to Mauritius in March and we had the most amazing 2 weeks here exploring the island. I was so excited to come back and to completely relax on my layover as I am normally always so active and on-the-go on layovers.

Unfortunately, when we arrived, there was a storm and the weather was very cloudy and rainy. It was such a shame as I was looking forward to laying on the beach all day, however, I got a few hours sleep and then had some lunch at the hotel bar.

A bit miserable looking!

After I finished my lunch, it finally stopped raining so I grabbed my book and a towel and made my way down to the beach. 5 minutes later, the heavens opened so I had to run back to the beach bar to save myself from getting drenched!

This didn’t last long!
Deceiving bit of blue sky

In the evening, most of the crew met in the hotel restaurant for dinner which was a Mauritian themed buffet. The food was lovely and I managed to get my hands on some Napolitaine which is a famous Mauritian pink sweet biscuit. I was obsessed with them last time I was here on holiday and I was so happy they had them at the dinner buffet!

Mauritian Napolitaine

The next morning, I woke up to beautiful blue skies and sun! I literally jumped out of my bed, threw on a bikini and raced outside to make the most of the weather before the wake up call.

Stunning view from my hotel room
Gorgeous weather
Hotel pool

I sat by the pool for a few hours reading a book and then I walked around the resort. The resort was beautiful and I found a secluded little beach which I had all to myself!


Postcard picture




Before I knew it, I had to pull myself away from the beach and head back to my room to get ready for the flight back to Dubai.

I had the most relaxing time in Mauritius and it was such a lovely layover. I will definitely bid for this destination again in the future!


Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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