What’s in My Bag? Flight Attendant Edition

Another post that is a little bit different, but something that has been around for ages…what’s in my bag?! As part of our uniform, we have a beautiful red bag which we must carry at all times. I thought it would be fun and interesting to show you what I keep inside and carry with me.

What’s in my bag?



The essential items I always keep with me are of course my purse, phone and keys. My purse is from Primark and fits perfectly into my bag but is also large enough to hold all of my bank and ID cards as well as currencies from around the world. Next up, I have my keys and a cute Emirates keyring which I love. Then lastly, my IPhone X Max which comes everywhere with me and I use to take all of my pictures with.

Purse, phone and keys



Probably the most important item in my bag is my travel documents wallet. To fly, I have to carry a number of documents with me such as my passport, flying license, vaccinations booklet and medical certificate. These documents are checked during the briefing before every flight, as well as at the hotel on the return sector before flying back to Dubai. I bought myself a sparkly documents holder from Paperchase to store them in.

Legal documents to fly



I always keep extra nail polish and lipstick with me in case I have to top up on the go. I use Rimmel ‘Double Decker Red’ and always put cuticle oil on my cuticles as they are really dry and damaged.

My go to lip balm is the Lucas PawPaw Ointment which I have been using ever since I first went to Sydney, Australia back in October 2018. I stocked up on loads the last time I was in Australia, but I haven’t had an Australia flight for ages now so I’m slowly running out! For my lipstick, I alternate between ‘Brick’ and ‘Ruby Woo’ lipliners and then I put the ‘Ruby Woo’ lipstick over the top. I also keep some extra red balms and lipliners with me in case I lose any of my MAC ones.

Nails and lipsticks



I always keep a hand sanitiser with me at all times, especially now more than ever. I use the Bath & Body Works ‘Black Cherry Merlot’ hand gel which smells amazing – I always get so many comments every time I use it! I’ve also got lots of wipes in my bag that always come in handy. I then use a hand moisturiser as my hands get so dry being up in the air, and using the sanitiser all the time. I use the ‘Aromatherapy Focus Eucalyptus and Tea’ which also smells amazing.

Next, I always carry a small hand bag size perfume bottle of ‘Jimmy Choo Fever’. I never bring any full size perfume bottles with me when I travel as I’m scared they will smash. I also carry a Victoria’s Secret ‘Eau So Sexy’ body spray with me which I spray all over as a perfume.

Hand care and perfumes



It is really easy to get sick all the time with flying so much, so I make sure I stock up on medicine just in case. Panadol and Benylin are always useful if I have a cold and then Clarinase is great for blocked ears. I also use an Olbas inhaler if I have a blocked nose, and of course plasters for when my shoes start to rub!




I find myself always raiding the hotel tea & coffee station for tea bags wherever I am in the world! I always carry a few in my bag as I get pretty bored of the tea we have on the aircraft so I like to switch it up every now and then. I normally take whatever I can get my hands on, but my favourite tea is Twinings, Yorkshire, PG or Tetley. I also have a Galaxy hot chocolate sachet which is a nice treat and a change from tea.

Tea and hot chocolate


After routing through my bag, I found lots of other bits and bobs that I always keep with me, including lots of pens! Again, like the tea bags, I seem to collect pens from every hotel room. You just never know when you are going to need one, plus passengers always ask me for pens when filling out immigration forms.

I also keep a sewing kit in case I ever lose a button from my jacket or waistcoat, or get a hole in my cardigan which happens all the time.

Lastly, I have a heat pad which I’ve had in my bag for a while. A Japanese Crew gave me one as she was using them on the flight. She told me to put it on my chest in the CRC (crew rest compartment) as it keeps you warm and doesn’t dry you out.

Bits and bobs



Lastly, I have a Saint Christopher pendant which was a gift that I always keep in my bag. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and the pendant is known to protect the wearer on their travels. I bring it with me everywhere, it is like my lucky charm.

Saint Christopher pendant

That is everything I have in my work handbag! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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