Johannesburg, South Africa

Another South Africa flight for me, and this time I was heading to Johannesburg. I’ve been to both Durban and Cape Town, so I was looking forward to exploring another South African city and ticking Joburg off the list! It was an early morning departure out of Dubai and the flight over was 8 hours 30 minutes so we arrived at 5pm.

Hotel room
Room views

The hotel room was beautiful! Such a nice design and it was in a lovely area with lots of shops and restaurants nearby. A couple of the girls wanted to do the lion park in the morning so we booked the tour through the hotel and then all headed up to our rooms. I ended up ordering room service and then having an early night!


The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel and then got picked up by our driver at 8:30am. The drive to the Lion park was about 45 minutes away and it was great seeing the streets of Joburg as well as the countryside.

We arrived at the Lion park and the first part was interacting with the small lion cubs! It was amazing playing and interacting with them. Most of the time they were very tame, although at one point, one of the lions got a bit playful and starting biting one of the other girls legs!


Lion cubs
Lion interaction
Lion interaction
White lion!
Lion interaction
Lion interaction
White lion

After the interaction, we moved onto the safari part of the tour where you drive through the different lion parks and see them in the wild. The tour guide was brilliant and so informative. We went to 5 or 6 different parks and got to know so much about them.



It was fascinating watching the lions and hearing all the stories. We then got to see some giraffes and lots of other smaller animals. We had a look around each of the dome gift shops and then decided to head back to the hotel.

I had a walk around some of the shops near the hotel but didn’t stay long as I wanted to get back and sleep before the flight home. I bought myself a 3-D landscape of Soweto township in Johannesburg. I absolutely love it and I’m going to put it on my bedroom wall!


Once again, I had another great layover and I’m so glad I have now ticked off all of the South African cities that Emirates flies to. I was always a bit worried to go to South Africa before, due to the things I’ve heard about the safety of the country, but I’ve had some of the best layovers here and hope to come back again in the future!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


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