Lavender Fields at The Hop Shop

My sister and I planned a last minute day trip to the lavender fields at The Hop Shop in Kent. We booked the 10:30am tour and paid the £7 entry fee. It was perfect weather for the tour and the surroundings were so beautiful. We had a guided tour of the fields and working farm, and learnt all about the different types of lavender.

Lavender fields

Lavender is typically used to help relaxation and sleep, it is also very vivid in colour. Lavandin on the other hand actually works as a stimulant. It is energising, much stronger in scent and slightly more grey. The Hop Shop hosts the biggest lavender farm in the UK and it certainly did not disappoint. Our guide Sarah was fantastic, extremely informative and knowledgeable. The tour lasted around 1.5 hours. We also had lots of opportunities to take pictures, so obviously we had a mini photoshoot!

My sister Cara and I


When you go on the tour, you are free to roam the fields and take as many photos as you like. However, if you’re not on a tour, you are slightly more restricted and can only access one of the fields which is sectioned off. I highly recommend the tour as not only was it beautiful, it was so interesting and for such a cheap price, you can’t go wrong!

Towards the end of the tour, we watched the lavender oil process and learnt about all the different types of lavender products available at the farm.

Distillery process
Lavender products made at the farm

At the end of the tour, we were treated to a refreshing glass of apple juice, followed by a lavender biscuit. We then stopped by the farm shop and got ourselves a bunch of fresh lavender and some essential oils.

Cold pressed apple juice straight from the farm

The Hop Farm is 5 minutes away from a lovely village called Eynsford. We stopped off here for some lunch on our way back and found a little tea room right on the river ford. We got ourselves some afternoon tea which was delicious, especially sitting outside in such a pretty village setting.

Afternoon Tea at the Riverside Tearoom in Eynsford

It was the perfect summers day out and I am so glad we discovered this place! I absolutely loved it and would definitely come back again next summer. It was also lovely spending some quality time with my sister before I move to Dubai next week.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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