Best Vs Worst Flights

I thought it would be a fun idea to list my best and worst flights and the reasons why. Over the last 2 years, I have been fortunate enough to fly around the world and experience an array of cities, cultures and people. I cannot imagine how many hours I have spent on an aircraft but I have definitely learn’t which types of flights I love, and which ones I don’t! We operate both turnaround and layovers so I have broken it down into my best and worst. I have also included best and worst flights as sometimes a flight isn’t great, but the layover is, and vice versa!

Best Flight

My favourite flights to work are definitely to Europe – Germany & Italy in particular as they are fairly quick flights. I have been to Germany 5 times and each of these flights have been a pleasure to operate. Most of these flights depart Dubai in the morning around 9-10am which is a normal time to wake up and go to work! The flight time from Dubai to Munich for example is only 6 hours which goes so quickly. The flight itself is very calm, quiet and stress-free! As I mentioned before, I have operated all of the German flights on the Emirates network, and they have all been a dream.

Best Layover

It is hard to choose my favourite layover as I have had so many great ones, but the one that stands out is Cape Town. I visited Cape Town in February 2020 and was lucky enough to bring Mum along with me. She came on the whole trip and we had a fantastic time. You can read all about the layover here. Travelling the world is amazing, but it can get quite lonely, so it was lovely to have some company and spend time together somewhere completely different. Cape Town is a wonderful city with stunning scenery, great food and a range of activities too!

Best Turnaround

Turnaround flights are really demanding, so the shorter the flight the better. The shortest flight that Emirates operates is to Muscat which is only 50 minutes. This is by far my favourite kind of turnaround flight! We also have Bahrain and Kuwait which are very quick. By the time you take off, and quickly hand out some snacks, it is time to land already. From the moment you report to work to landing back into Dubai, it only takes up around 6 hours of your day which is great. I love these kind of flights as they are not draining and you can easily carry on with your day afterwards. I typically prefer layovers, but when I see either of these short Gulf turnarounds on my roster, I really don’t mind them.

Worst Flight

I generally find it more difficult flying east than west, so I’m really not a fan of Australian flights. I flew to Sydney 4 times during the first couple months of flying and it was absolutely exhausting. Most of the Australian flights depart Dubai after midnight, around 2am and then land in the early morning. I found this really challenging as I always wanted to go out and explore, but I was exhausted by the time I reached the hotel. Each time I went out, I was walking around in a bit of a daze as I was so tired! Not to mention, the flight time to Sydney is 14 hours which is very very long.

I also have bad memories after dealing with a smoke incident in a lavatory during my first Sydney flight, and oversleeping on my break and getting a telling off from the supervisor!! Luckily, I haven’t had any Australian flights in over a year, although I wouldn’t mind going back now and seeing a new city.

Worst Layover

I can’t really say I’ve had a terrible layover, as they are mostly always enjoyable, however, back in November, I was really sick and spent my birthday in a hotel room in Cebu, Philippines. I specifically requested this flight as I wanted to visit the Kawasan Waterfalls, but I was just too ill to leave my room. Instead, I stayed in bed the whole day, drinking hot ‘Calamansi’ juice which is apparently good for colds. Luckily, it was a multi-sector trip and by the time I arrived in Clarke, I felt much better and was able to go on a tour the next day.

Worst Turnaround

This one is super easy – Male, Maldives! This flight is probably the most hated by all crew due to so many reasons. Firstly, the flight departs in the middle of the night and each leg of the journey is 4 and a half hours. By the time you reach Male you feel shattered! You then have to do the same thing again all over again back to Dubai trying your very best to keep your eyes open! The hardest part is landing into the beautiful Maldives and seeing the crystal clear waters and private islands from the aircraft window. The Captain’s get a layover but unfortunately us Cabin Crew have to return straight back to Dubai – painful!

Luckily, I have only done this turnaround once, but that was enough! Any turnaround flight over 3 hours is difficult as the day can really drag on. I once did a turnaround flight to Istanbul which is 5 hours each way. Although it was longer, the flight is during the day so it wasn’t as bad.

Thanks for reading.

10 thoughts on “Best Vs Worst Flights

  1. I agree with you flying West is better than flying East for the body clock. Great article thanks for sharing your experience with us.


  2. Glad your most memorable layover was the one we had together in Cape Town. We managed to see and do so much and the memories will stay with us forever. Hopefully we can do it again soon once the planes are up and running again xxx


  3. Hello Kerry,
    have you already heard something about Czech flights? 🙂 Hope you will visit the Czech Republic very soon.
    Love Robin


    1. Thanks for your comment Robin 😊 I’m not sure if Emirates are flying to Prague yet but I have always wanted to visit there. Hopefully soon x


  4. So jealous of your job, but I love your blog.
    I tried to apply several times but I have never made it unfortunately.
    I am so glad that your favourite flights are to Italy and Germany since I am Italian and I live in Germany.
    If you have Frankfurt on your roster again, I totally suggest to visit the town where I live, Heidelberg (just 50 mins away from it) with its charming streets and castle, but also the villages nearby, like Schwetzingen (its castle is so pink and so different from all the others) or Ladenburg etc
    Have a nice day,


    1. Hi Carm, thank you so much for your message! Sorry to hear that, I would encourage you to try again in the future ☺️ thank you so much for the suggestions, I have not heard of Heidelberg before, but after googling it, it looks beautiful! I would love to visit next time!! Xo


  5. After COVID I am scared even about applying again actually, but I must say that living in Germany I am able to travel pretty much around Europe at least.
    If you should ever visit my beloved Heidelberg, visit all these places: .
    Mandy’s American Diner is so instragrammable and so different from all the other restaurants/cafes I have ever been to, both inside and outside…and the food is delicious.
    If you want to eat something traditional have the amazing potato soup (you can find it in every restaurant of the Old Town).
    I really hope you will be able to visit it soon, since now the weather is incredible…and tthat you will like it.
    Have a nice day,


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