My Emirates Timeline

The recruitment process for me took exactly 7 weeks. During this time I loved looking at other peoples timelines to work out when I would be likely to hear something, however I learnt that everyones timeline is different and there is not set pattern or timeframe.

For anyone who is not aware of all the abbreviations, OD is the Open Day, AD is the Assessment Day, FI is the Final Interview, IC is Interview Complete, JFIC is Joining Formalities in Progress, GC is Golden Call and DOJ is Date of Joining.

My timeline is:

OD = Saturday 21 April 2018
AD = Sunday 22 April 2018
FI = Tuesday 24 April 2018
IC = Thursday 24 May 2018
JFIP = Thursday 7 June 2018
GC = Sunday 10 June 2018
DOJ = Friday 27 July 2018

After my FI, my online status didn’t actually change to IC for a whole month which I was really worried about. Some of the girls who I had met at the OD/AD had told me that their status changed to IC a week after their interview so I thought there was something wrong with my application! Turns out everything was fine, and I shouldn’t have kept comparing myself to others!

I am writing this now with only 5 more weeks to go until I fly out to Dubai and start my new career. I guess everything happens for a reason!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


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