Thiruvananthapuram, India

This was my first layover to India with Emirates which I was quite excited about as most of the India flights are turnarounds only, so it was great doing a quick 4 hour flight, and then having a 24 hour layover here! We departed Dubai around 9pm and by the time we reached our hotel in Thiruvananthapuram it was nearly 3am.

Hotel room


None of the crew were really interested to do much on the layover and as the weather was supposed to be full of heavy rain, I decided to just do my own thing and have a nice relaxing layover! I had the longest sleep until the next afternoon and then decided to have a walk around the hotel and try to find a spa for a massage.

Hotel room views


I found a spa nearby and opted for an Indian head massage! I’ve never had one of these before but it was soooo good and relaxing! The put all sorts of Indian herbal oils into my hair and then gave my neck and shoulders a massage. I thought it had finished and was getting ready to pay, then they said they would wash and blow dry my hair for me! Not bad at all and only for £8.

Oceana Spa


I walked back to the hotel, had a quick look at the swimming pool and then ordered some room service. Turns out it didn’t rain at all so I could have gone out on a tour!


Hotel pool


All in all, it was a very relaxing layover, I caught up on loads of sleep and had a beautiful Indian head massage! It was so nice not really doing much, but it also would have been great exploring a bit more and doing a tour of Thiruvananthapuram – I will definitely try and do this next time if I get the chance to come back.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

2 thoughts on “Thiruvananthapuram, India

  1. Such relax layover to release your hard work by doing some massage. You encourage me to have one as well. Waiting the next post.


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