The holy month of Ramadan begins tomorrow and it is the first time ever that I will be joining in! I am not Muslim but wanted to support Mamdouh as he will be fasting. I never imagined myself doing it, but now as we are home all day, it is the perfect time to try it out. Mamdouh is Muslim, but does not typically fast because of his job. In Islam, if you are travelling during Ramadan, you have permission to be excluded. Now that we are both not flying, we have made the decision to fast and I thought I would document my experience!

I’m definitely a bit apprehensive about it, as I have never fasted before, or even dieted, so I’m not sure how I will cope. However, I am going to give it 100% and I know once I commit to something, I have pretty strong willpower to continue it.

Living in an Islamic country also makes it easier. In Dubai, we are surrounded by mosques so we can constantly hear the Adhan (calling to prayer). This will tell us when we can break the fast and when we must begin fasting. Although now everything is closed in Dubai due to Coronavirus, typically, all food outlets are closed during the day in Ramadan anyway, so all kinds of temptation are covered.

A couple of days ago, we did a big food shop so we are fully stocked up on meals. I am guilty of snacking a lot on sweets and chocolate throughout the day, but I am going to try and eat more hearty meals that fill me up for longer, rather than needing to snack all the time. We bought lots of meat, vegetables and fruit, as well as lots of large bottles of water. We also bought some dried fruit, seeds and nuts as they keep you full for a longer period of time.


I have read lots of different things about losing and gaining weight during Ramadan so I’m not entirely sure what to expect. We bought ourselves a weighing scales so we can check our weight before and after. Hopefully I don’t lose/gain too much, but I’m sure after Ramadan is over, I will go back to my normal weight!

11.1 stone before


I’m really looking forward to this month and I’m excited to see how I feel after.

Ramadan Kareem to anyone also fasting!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

12 thoughts on “MY FIRST EVER RAMADAN

  1. I know you’ll do it as once you put your mind to something you won’t stop until it’s achieved. Let me know how you get on. I should imagine the eating part will get easier over time but going without drinking for long periods in a hot country definitely will be the test.
    Best of luck and Ramadan Kareem oxoxoxox

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  2. There is a large Islamic community here in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota! I know that there are a lot of bells going off during the day/evening and many in the community have complained about it but they are still allowing for the bells this year even with so many working from home due to COVID. Could you maybe share more about Ramadan and why fasting is important and when in the world you are allowed to eat … I wouldn’t be able to go THAT long without food! 😉


  3. Oh my god how exciting!! I wish you the best of luck this month, the first days are always the hardest but it will get easier I promise! Ramadan is honestly my favourtie time of the year, and this year is extremely hard being away from family. Ramadan Kareem!

    Feel free to check out my blog, I just posted about prepping for Ramadan!

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