May 2020 Roster

I thought I would keep up the monthly roster posts, however May is looking pretty bleak so far. Whilst I would love to be posting a month full of amazing destinations, sadly, our May roster is non-existent again!

The majority of Emirates flights are still suspended, with the exception of a few that are repatriation flights and are only to take people back to their countries and bring National UAE citizens back to Dubai. These flights have operated as a turnaround flight with minimum crew complement. Luckily, I haven’t been called to do any of these flights, but we are all more or less on standby throughout the month of May, in case there are any developments.

Instead of a full month of ‘Reserve’ we have been given ‘Can Use’ days and ‘XXD’ which is a new roster code. ‘Can Use’ is a duty day where you are typically given a flight the day before. It is similar to ‘Reserve’ where you are called to cover anyone who has called sick for the flight or for any operational reasons. Differently, XXD is a ‘flexible day off in Dubai’ but it is subject to change to a flight as required.

01 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
02 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
03 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
04 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
05 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
06 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
07 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
08 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
09 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
10 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
11 May – Can Use (DAY OFF)
12 May – Can Use (DAY OFF)
13 May – Can Use (DAY OFF)
14 May – Can Use (DAY OFF)
15 May – Can Use (DAY OFF)
16 May – Can Use (DAY OFF)
17 May – Can Use (DAY OFF)
18 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
19 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
20 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
21 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
22 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
23 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
24 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
25 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
26 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
27 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
28 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
29 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
30 May – XXD (DAY OFF)
31 May – XXD (DAY OFF)

As you can see, not a very exciting month! However, my whole roster is subject to change, so it is possible that things will move around, or I could even be assigned a flight! Who knows. Like my Reserve month, I will be updating my roster accordingly.

*Update* I was not rostered any flights during the month of May.

Things are still very uncertain at this moment, and it is not clear when we will be back to normal, however, any updates I will of course post about.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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