December Roster

This month I shall be heading to…

Perth, Australia (Layover)
Stockholm, Sweden (Layover)
Frankfurt, Germany (Layover)
Male, Maldives (Turnaround)
Hamburg, Germany (Layover)
Istanbul, Turkey (Turnaround) **This was changed to Kochi, India**
Paris, France (Layover)
Karachi, Pakistan (Turnaround)
Bangkok, Thailand (Layover)

Sadly no London flights again, however, I am over the moon with this roster – I’m going to Bangkok for New Year’s Eve! I lived in Bangkok for 6 months for part of my University course so I am overjoyed to be going back, especially on New Year’s Eve.

I will be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in Paris which isn’t too bad, although I obviously would love to be at home. I also have two of the longest turnarounds, Male and Istanbul, however, I have lots of amazing layovers so I am really excited for the month ahead.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May .xo

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