Sydney, Australia

Back to Sydney I go, and this time, I was heading out on a 6 day multi-sector to Sydney-Christchurch! I will write a separate blog post for Christchurch.

I was very much looking forward to going back to Sydney, especially as the last time I was there it was rainy and cold. I checked the weather before I left Dubai, and it was supposed to be beautiful so I was excited to go out and about. After the long 14 hour flight, I rested for about an hour, and then met a lovely Spanish girl called Natalia from my flight downstairs as we were keen to go outside and enjoy the weather.

My friend Kelly who lived in Sydney recommended me the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk so we took an Uber to Bondi beach and started the walk. The weather was absolutely stunning and I finally got to see the famous Bondi Icebergs Pool.

Bondi Icebergs Club

I couldn’t believe how fit and healthy the people of Sydney are! Everyone was out walking or jogging and all the cafes seem to sell is avocado and acai bowls!

We stopped off at several different points to admire the views and take some pictures.

Hunter Park
Hunter Park
Bronte Park

I definitely wasn’t dressed for the occasion as it was boiling hot! I also forgot to take a bikini with me so we didn’t bother stopping for a swim. I will definitely remember one next time as I was dying to get in and have a swim!

Living my best life in Sydney!


Natalia and I at the Waverley Cemetery

After a good 2-3 hour walk, we arrived at Coogee, the last stop. We rewarded ourselves with a nice cold drink at a bar called Merivale at the Coogee Pavilion. The walk was absolutely stunning and I would highly recommend it, especially when it’s a nice sunny day.

Stunning scenery


Merivale Bar

We then made our way back to the hotel as we’d arranged with the rest of the crew to meet for dinner. Our hotel was really central so we walked a few minutes down to Sydney Harbour, and then decided to have dinner there. Natalia and I were flagging at this point as we went straight out on the coastal walk after such a long and busy flight.

Sydney Harbour


Sydney Harbour
Pizza by the Opera House
Some of the crew!

Finally, after our dinner, we made our way back to the hotel for some well deserved rest. I couldn’t wait to climb into the bed and sleep! But first, I had to go to the supermarket nearby and buy my Australian favourites – Tim Tams!


And that’s a wrap for Sydney! Next I shall be heading to Christchurch in New Zealand.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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