July 2021 Roster

Next month I will be going to…

Chicago, Illinois USA (Layover)
New York, USA (Layover)
SEP Recurrent (Annual Exams)
Karachi, Pakistan (Turnaround)
Mumbai, India (Turnaround)
Islamabad, Pakistan (Turnaround)

Starting off the month is a very exciting layover to Chicago, Illinois! I have slowly been ticking off all of the US destinations on the Emirates network and I only have two more to visit – Chicago and Seattle. I’m really looking forward to visiting Skydeck Chicago and Cloud Gate ‘The Bean’ as well as trying the legendary Chicago style deep dish pizza.

Next up is a layover to New York which I am really hoping to swap. I have been to New York quite a few times now, plus, my Mum and I recently surprised my sister for her birthday with a trip to New York (whenever the borders open for UK citizens) so I want to wait for that! Hopefully something will come up, even though New York in the summer is beautiful.

The dreaded SEP annual exams are next which I am really not looking forward to. This will be my third one, and it really doesn’t get any easier. There is so much to study and remember and there is a lot of pressure on you as there are repercussions if you fail. I also really dislike studying as it reminds me of being back at school/university, but once it is all over and done, I will feel very proud, and relieved!

After a quick turnaround to Pakistan and back, I am then going on my holidays. I have 9 days holiday and my husband and I are planning to visit his family in Alexandria, Egypt, and then perhaps spend a few days in the North Coast which is beach resort town just an hour’s drive away from Alexandria. We will also be there for Eid al-Adha which will be really nice.

After my leave, I have two turnarounds to India and Pakistan. I’m quite glad I don’t have a layover or long US flight straight after my leave as I always like to spend a few days in Dubai sorting everything out and easing back into things.

Despite having SEP in the middle, I don’t think this month’s roster is too bad. I am really excited to get out and about in Chicago, and hopefully I can swap New York for somewhere different.

Keep a look out for my next post on Chicago…

Thanks for reading.

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