June 2021 Roster

I am back from my unpaid leave and have lots of flights this up-and-coming month…

June 2021 Roster:

Jakarta, Indonesia (Layover) *Deadheading one-way*
Tel Aviv, Israel (Turnaround) **This flight was cancelled**
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Turnaround)
Dallas, Texas USA(Layover)
Kabul, Afghanistan (Turnaround)
Mahe, Seychelles (Layover) *Swapped this flight to Prague, Czech Republic, which I was then removed from because the passenger load was too light :(*

Lots to look forward to this month as my roster finally looks pretty full and somewhat pre-Covid-like! Starting off the month, I have a very exciting deadheading flight to Jakarta. I wrote a whole post on what deadheading means in the Aviation industry – basically I will be travelling as a passenger, instead of working and getting paid for it! I’ve also never been to Jakarta before, but sadly we are not allowed to leave the hotel room so I won’t get up to much.

Next up, I have a 48 hour layover to Dallas, Texas. I had this flight back in March, but we were unable to go out back then so I am really looking forward to seeing what Dallas has in store for me. I am hoping to visit the Fort Worth Stockyards and potentially watch a Rodeo. Stay tuned for my post on that one!

Last but not least, I have a very short 15 hour layover to Seychelles. I have never actually done this flight before as crew, but I did get married in the Seychelles last October. It feels really weird to be going back there, and if I’m honest, I really don’t want to as I have so many amazing memories there with my family, I want to hold onto that. I am going to try my best and swap this flight for something else. Fingers crossed.

Not a bad roster at all this month, and some exciting new destinations. As always, I will update it if there are any changes (which I am sure there will be!).

Thanks for reading.

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