May 2021 Roster: UNPAID LEAVE

Next month is a slightly different roster! I have decided to take ‘Unpaid Leave’ for the entire month. This is a relatively new opportunity which has been encouraged to crew since COVID hit last year. Due to the impact of COVID on the aviation industry, flights were suspended and ultimately, there were too many crew.

Every month, we are asked if we would like to take unpaid leave. This whole month is completely unpaid, but you are free to do whatever you wish, you can stay in Dubai at your accommodation, or travel anywhere – as long as you return to work as normal the following month.

Having thought about the pros and cons, I decided to take unpaid leave in May 2021. Not only will it be good for the company, but it will also give me the opportunity to visit my husbands family for Eid in Egypt, and also, finally be reunited with my family in the UK. It is currently not permitted to travel from the UK directly from Dubai as the UAE is on the red list, so instead, we will spend a couple of weeks in Egypt, which is on the amber list, and then travel to the UK directly from Egypt.

We of course are hoping that the quarantine restrictions ease in the UK, but if not, then we will quarantine for the first 5 days and then purchase the ‘test to release’ package. I am really looking forward to taking a whole month off and having a wonderful time with family. I’m also excited for the cooler weather as it is really heating up now in Dubai.

May 2021 Travels:

Alexandria, Egypt
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
London, UK

Thanks for reading.

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