April 2021 Roster

In April 2021, I will be flying to…

Brisbane, Australia (Layover)
Lahore, Pakistan (Turnaround)
Male, Maldives (Turnaround)
Rome, Italy (Layover) **I swapped this for Warsaw, Poland**

Starting the month is a 24 hour layover to Brisbane, Australia. I was heartbroken when I saw this on my roster as I haven’t visited Australia now for over 2 years and I have been dying to go back, but I knew we would be staying in a strict quarantine hotel where we wouldn’t even be allowed out of the room! So close but so far. I really hope I can come back here and visit properly as I would love to go to the Gold Coast.

I then have two back to back turnarounds, first to Pakistan, and then a very long, night flight to Maldives. It is always so painful looking out the window in Maldives, wishing I could get off the aircraft and stay on one of the beautiful, tropical islands, instead of flying straight back to Dubai!

Lastly, I was rostered a 48 hour layover to Rome. I have been to Rome before Emirates for a weekend trip, so I was keen to swap this for a new destination. I have never been to Warsaw before, so I swapped onto a 48 hour Warsaw layover. My goal this year is to visit as many new places as possible so any city I have already been to, I will try to swap for somewhere new.

Thanks for reading.

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