March 2021 Roster

In March 2021, I will be flying to…

Bali, Indonesia (Layover) **This flight was cancelled and removed from my roster**
Hyderabad, India (Turnaround)
Dallas, Texas USA (Layover)
Stockholm, Sweden (Layover) **I swapped this flight for Copenhagen, Denmark**

Kicking off the month was a flight to Bali, which was very quickly removed! I was really surprised to see Bali on my roster as I wasn’t aware that flights had restarted there, so I wasn’t very surprised when it was later removed. Such a shame though as I would have loved to have gone back there.

Next up, after a quick turnaround to India and back, is a 48 hour to Dallas, Texas. I have wanted to go here for ages so I am really excited about this one! I have been to Houston a couple of times now, so I am interested to see how Dallas is.

Last but not least is a 24 hour layover to Sweden. I actually managed to swap this for a layover to Copenhagen as I have never been there before and want to try and see more new destinations. I am so happy someone accepted my swap and can’t wait to see what Denmark has in store for me.

In between each of the flights, I have quite a few ‘can-use reserve’ days which will most probably turn into days off. Despite this, I’m really pleased with this month’s roster as I will be ticking off two new destinations and have some pretty decent flying hours!

Thanks for reading.

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