November 2020 Roster

I am still very much behind with my blog but I couldn’t let November pass without updating my roster! This month, my roster looked like this…

Cochin, India (Turnaround)
Geneva, Switzerland (Layover)
Los Angeles, USA (Layover)

A very empty roster indeed! Kicking off the month with a turnaround to Kochi in India. This flight used to be a layover and I always loved this destination as the hotel and food was really nice. The flight was throughout the night so it was quite tiring but the hours were good so I can’t complain!

Next up I had a 72 hour layover to Geneva, Switzerland. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this on my roster and couldn’t believe I had 3 days there! I visited Geneva around the same time last year and it was such a lovely city. Unfortunately we are still unable to leave the hotel on layovers so it was a pretty boring but I didn’t mind too much as the allowance was great.

On my birthday, I flew to Los Angeles, California. It was an extra long birthday as I departed Dubai at 8:30am and arrived 16 hours later in LA where it was only midday! I have not been to LA with Emirates yet, but luckily I have been on holiday there a few years ago and saw all the sights so I didn’t feel like I had missed out too much. The layover was 48 hours but with major jet lag, I ended up sleeping for most of it!

I thought it would be interesting to check my November roster for last year and compare the number of flights I had. Below is a screenshot of my roster in November 2019!! Totally shocking how much difference a year can make.

I had 6 layovers and 2 turnarounds!!! It really is sad looking back and seeing how often we used to fly. At the time, it was exhausting but I would give anything now to travel to as many places and be so care-free on layovers!

December roster coming soon…

Thanks for reading.

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