October 2020 Roster

It’s been a couple of months since I have posted so I am catching up on my October roster, right before November begins tomorrow! It has been a manic month, namely because I got married on the 10 October!! It has been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks but things are slowing down now so I thought I would make some time for my blog and update it. In the month of October, I had the following flights…

Karachi, Pakistan (Turnaround)
Annual Leave 🙂
Houston, Texas USA (Layover)
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Turnaround)
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Turnaround) **This was removed from my roster**

Kicking off the month was a quick turnaround to Karachi, Pakistan. I did this flight a few weeks prior to this so I knew exactly what to expect. Overall, it was a nice and easy flight.

I then had 14 days annual leave which was very, very exciting as Mamdouh and I got married. Somehow, in between all of the chaos of 2020, we managed to plan our wedding in the Seychelles and fly out all of our families to attend. It was the most amazing week of our lives and I will be sharing a blog post all about it soon.

After our annual leave, Mamdouh and I were rostered a flight to Houston, Texas together. This never ever happens so it was a lovely surprise! We actually swapped onto this flight back in February and had the most amazing 48 hour layover in Houston. Unfortunately, this time, it was only a 23 hour layover, and with the COVID restrictions still in place, we were unable to leave the hotel.

Lastly, two turnarounds to end the month, firstly to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and then onto Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The flight to Addis Ababa was really enjoyable despite the long flight time. Sadly, the day before my Riyadh flight, my roster was updated as the flight was cancelled.

Overall, not a bad month considering I had 14 days of annual leave, I managed to have three flights which is a huge improvement from previous months. November is looking like a good month too so I will post my November 2020 roster in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading.

4 thoughts on “October 2020 Roster

  1. Congratulations to both of you on your wedding, it sounds like you had a lovely time with some seriously impressive planning going on there! It’s also lovely to hear that you’ve got some flying hours in too 🙂


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