August 2020 Roster

August is just around the corner which means the new roster has been published. Next month, I will be heading to…

Annual Leave
Athens, Greece (Turnaround)
Hyderabad, India (Turnaround) **This flight was removed, then changed to Karachi, Pakistan**
Cairo, Egypt (Turnaround)

Starting off the month, I have 12 days of annual leave which I have been looking forward to ever since I booked them off back in January. Unfortunately my original plans of a family holiday to Scotland have been cancelled so I’m not quite sure what to do. Although Emirates are promoting to ‘travel with confidence’, I am not so certain the rest of the world is stable enough yet – we will see.

After my leave, I have three turnaround flights. Athens is not usually a turnaround, but due to the current situation, crew are not allowed to stay there so I will be returning straight back to Dubai! It will be quite a long day as the flight is 5 hours each way!

After Athens, I have a standard flight to Hyderabad in India. I have done this flight before and it wasn’t all that bad so it should be fine!

Lastly, I have Cairo and I have never actually done this flight before! I have always wanted to visit Cairo and see the Pyramids – hopefully I’ll get a glimpse of them from the aircraft.

Sadly no other layovers next month, but on a positive note, we are getting a lot more flights which is great. Things can only get better from now on, surely!

Thanks for reading.

August 2020 Roster – Keeping Up With Kerry

3 thoughts on “August 2020 Roster

  1. Do you think you will just travel around Dubai for your annual leave? Also who has determined that you can’t do layovers in Greece? Is it a government mandate?
    Also, if I remember correctly your fiance is a Flight Steward too, right? How has his schedule been impacted by COVID??


    1. Hi Lindsay, sorry for the late response. I was lucky enough to go on holiday for my annual leave! New post coming soon. I’m not quite sure about Greece but hopefully the restrictions will change soon. And yes, he is also cabin crew – his schedule has been pretty much the same as mine, 1 or 2 flights per month with lots of days off!


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