Paris, France

Last week I had the pleasure of flying to Paris for a 24 hour layover. It felt amazing going back to work, especially on a layover as they are always my favourite. Unfortunately we are still unable to leave the hotel so it was a very quiet layover, however, I have been to Paris a few times before so I didn’t mind too much.

The flight departed from Dubai around 8:30am and we landed into Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport just after 1pm. We flew on the A380 aircraft which is slowing making a come back, but currently only on London and Paris flights only. The weather in Paris was beautiful with blue skies and warm sunshine – It would have been lovely to have gone out but I opted to stay in my room and relax.

The hotel was different to the usual layover hotel and it was literally right next to the airport! I had a lovely view from my room and could see all of the Air France aircrafts parked at the gate!

After I got to my room, the first thing I always do is shower and get into something comfortable. On board, we now wear additional PPE including a protective gown, visor, mask and gloves so it can feel really hot underneath! After a nice long shower, I decided to go down to the restaurant and order some food. The hotel wasn’t serving any room service, so you must go down to collect your food and then you can bring it up to your room! I had Salmon Tagliatelle pasta which was delicious, followed by a Tiramisu dessert.

The rest of the day was spent watching TV on my laptop, Facetiming family back home and sleeping! It was such a relaxing layover, but most of all, it felt nice to be back at work and almost back to ‘normal’. The next day, the wake up call was at 12:30 which meant we were leaving the hotel at 13:30.

The flight back to Dubai was relatively quiet. We landed around 12am after a nice and easy 6 and a half hour flight. It was a wonderful layover – even though I didn’t do anything! I’m really hoping to get some more layover flights next month, fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Paris, France

  1. I would hate being in another country but being unable to explore.
    I hope that even cabin crews will be able to visit the cities during the layovers.
    I am glad that at least you were able to get some flying hours!
    Xoxo Carm


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