July 2020 Roster

The rosters for next month were published nearly 2 weeks ago now, but I have been busy flying around the world – you heard that right, FLYING! After nearly 3 months of being grounded, I finally had my first flight to Washington D.C. It took me completely by surprise as I received a call from the rostering department asking me if I wanted to operate a flight the next morning – of course I grabbed the chance and said yes straight away! Turns out, it was a cargo flight so there were no passengers on board but we got a decent 48 hour layover! I have never been to Washington before but unfortunately due to the current situation, we were advised not to leave the hotel.

Since returning back from Washington, I also operated a passenger turnaround flight to Bahrain! Although there were very few customers, it felt like everything was back to normal! I absolutely love being back in the sky and I am so pleased operations are gradually starting to resume again.

Next month, I will be heading to…

SEP Annual Recurrent Exams
Paris, France (Layover)
Manilla, Philippines (Turnaround)

Still, not the usual looking roster, but nonetheless, I am so relived to have some flights on my roster. Kicking off the month, I have my annual recurrent safety and emergency procedures exams (SEP). I was dreading these last year as I didn’t know what to expect, but as they weren’t so bad, I actually don’t mind them. I also have lots of time on my hands to study beforehand so it should be fine.

Next up is a layover to Paris, and my only layover next month. I have been to Paris a couple of times, but I am excited to visit in the summer as I have always been in the winter when it has been so cold. If we are able to go out, I would really like to visit Rue Crémieux which is a really pretty street full of colourful houses. I would also like to see the famous Mona Lisa as I didn’t go inside the Louvre last time I was there.

Lastly, I have a Manilla turnaround! This flight is normally always a layover, as it is a 9 hour flight, each way. Due to the current situation, we will not be staying in Manilla, and instead flying straight back to Dubai. It will be an extremely long and exhausting day and I’m a little bit disappointed we are not having a layover there as I had such a nice trip there last time. Hopefully it might change nearer the time!

Although I only have two flights next month, our rosters are changing all the time and flights are always being added, so fingers crossed I will have a couple more flights on there.

I am SO happy flights have resumed and hope things continue to improve throughout the Aviation industry.

Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “July 2020 Roster

  1. Oh happy you got roster next month hopefully things getting better and you will able to see Mona Lisa 😉😉😉


  2. SO happy that the world is almost coming back “normal”, as we knew it before and that airlines are allowed to fly again.
    Louvre is the only thing I actually liked about Paris.
    If you are less than 26 years old and you show you EU Passport (I think Brexit has not happened fully yet, right?) you will have free entrance, but the queue is huge even around 9 am.
    Have safe flights!


  3. Quite surprised with the Manila turnaround! Are you deadheading (although technically still working) one way or working both ways? if working, then flight time would already be as long as or even longer than your ultra long hauls at EK!


    1. Hi Treb, thanks for your comment! As far as I know, we will be working both ways of the flight, but we will get a break/rest most probably. It’s is very long indeed!! Almost a 19 hour shift – so more than our longest ULR flight haha


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