April 2020 Roster?

I wasn’t sure whether to post this or not as things are very uncertain at the moment, and as you may have read, Emirates have suspended all flights from 25 March 2020 until further notice due to Covid-19. It is a worrying time for all, but I thought I would continue posting my roster as normal. Before the suspension, our roster was published and I was very much looking forward to April, however, now most of these flights have been removed. No one knows how long this will go on for, but here was my original roster for April…

Colombo, Sri Lanka (Layover) *CANCELLED*
Seoul, South Korea (Layover) *CANCELLED*
Colombo, Sri Lanka (Layover) *CANCELLED*
Accra, Ghana (Layover) *CANCELLED*
Sialkot, Pakistan (Turnaround) *CANCELLED*
New York, USA (Layover) *CANCELLED*

As you can see a pretty amazing roster, so I’m gutted that I won’t be going to most of those places. I was really excited for South Korea and Ghana but hopefully I will get the chance to go there again in the future.

I don’t know when flights will resume but the health and safety of people around the world is far more important at this current time. Over the next few weeks, I will be staying inside so my posts may be a little bit different from now on.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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