Chennai, India

It was my second time flying to Chennai and this time, I was determined to do something on the layover as last time I just stayed in the hotel. Unfortunately, one of the girls I had planned a trip with got offloaded from the flight before we left Dubai, and then when we landed into Chennai at 7am, all plans went out the window as I felt so tired. Such a shame as I had planned to visit some temples which had been recommended. Hopefully next time!

We arrived at the hotel just after 8am where I straight away showered and then collapsed in the bed for the rest of the day!

Touch down in Chennai

I woke up in the evening and booked myself a massage in the hotel. I ended getting a 90 minute aroma massage which was absolutely beautiful. Seeing as I wasn’t going out, I thought I may as well treat myself and use the allowance up! After this little bit of heaven, I came back to the room, ordered some room service and then got my laptop out to watch the Netflix series ‘Love is Blind’.

Masala Dosa for dinner
Love is Blind

I then run myself the bath of dreams! I remember the bath tub from last time so I made sure I packed a lush bath bomb so that I could really pamper myself.

Lush bath bomb

I stayed up for a couple more hours watching things on my laptop then I decided to call it a night as the wake up call was pretty early the next morning.

It was a shame I didn’t go out on this layover and explore Chennai but hopefully I will get another chance in the future.

Chennai, India
Chennai, India

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

***I have decided to not write a blog post for my Manchester, London Heathrow and London Stansted flights because I didn’t actually end up doing anything and just stayed in the hotel room, so thought it would be pretty boring to write about!***


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