New York, USA

I was on home standby from 9pm to 3am when I got pulled out for a New York flight. I was kind of expecting a long haul flight and I wasn’t too disappointed with New York! I have been numerous times before now so I text my friend Becky to see if she was around. We quickly arranged a meet up and off I went.

14 hours later, I arrived in JFK airport. By the time we reached the hotel it was around 10am and I was exhausted so I had a little 2 hour power nap. Feeling much more human, I got ready and then made my way out around 1pm. It was absolutely pouring so I could barely take any pictures as it was so windy and wet.


I decided to go and meet Becky in New Jersey (where she lives) instead of her coming into the city as she always does that. I’ve been to New Jersey once before but didn’t really explore much so I wanted to see a bit more of the state. I took the subway to the WTC station and then got on a PATH train to Hoboken. I was surprised how easy and quick it took to get there. When I got off the train at Exchange Place, I saw the most beautiful rainbow!

NYC Subway
Rainbow over New York City

We had a walk around Hoboken and then stopped for some dinner at one of Becky’s favourite restaurants – Del Frisco’s. I had a gorgeous fillet steak and then we moved onto a rooftop bar in the Hyatt hotel at Exchange Place. Sadly I didn’t get my phone out and forgot to take any pictures of my food or Becky and I!!

View from Hoboken

We had such a lovely night chatting away over some food and drinks. It was such an unexpected trip and I’m so glad we got to meet up. I definitely want to see a bit more of New Jersey as it seems like such a nice state and feels so different to the hustle and bustle of New York. I took the train and then subway back and had a walk through Times Square before calling it a night.

Times Square

I am now almost at the end of my reserve month so I think this will be the last layover of the month. I am looking forward to February as I have some exciting destinations and my annual leave. I will post my roster after this!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

One thought on “New York, USA

  1. Awesome! NYC the city never sleep. I love that city. I will be always happy readying posts about it and your post has special way to enjoy me when i read. Keep going and waiting your next one.

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