February 2020 Roster

February is almost here and it is going to be a good month! I will be going to the following destinations…

Dhaka, Bangladesh (Turnaround) **This was removed from my roster and I was given a day off**
Moscow, Russia (Layover)
Moscow, Russia (Layover)
Durban, South Africa (Layover) **Swapped this for Cape Town**
Houston, USA (Layover)

I have always wanted to visit Moscow, especially in the winter to experience the freezing cold weather and see the beautiful Saint Basil’s Cathedral so I was over the moon when I saw two flights on my roster! I may try to swap one for another new destination so I will update that if I do.

Next I have 10 days of annual leave which is very exciting as I will be going home to London and spending it with my family. I haven’t properly been home for my leave since May 2019 and I haven’t had any leave since September 2019 so it is well overdue! I can’t wait to be at home with the family and to just relax!!!

After my leave I have Durban and Houston. Hopefully this time I will be able to go swimming with sharks as it was cancelled due to bad weather last time I was in Durban! Then right at the end of February, I have Houston again. Mamdouh also has Houston the day before me so we are trying desperately to swap onto each others but if not, we will still get to see each other there!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


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