London, UK

Next up is three different trips to London! I really wanted to spend as much time as possible at home in December so I bid for London flights and managed to get three in a row! The first trip was to London Heathrow, followed by two London Gatwick flights. I thought I would put the first two London layovers into one post and then make a separate post for the other Gatwick flight as it was a very special one at home with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

During the first trip to London Heathrow, we landed around midday and instead of rushing off home, I decided to stay in the hotel as I was going to meet my friend later on in the city. I got changed, and then went across the road to the Toby Carvery for some lunch. Toby Carvery is THE best place for a roast dinner, and as I haven’t had one in months, I was very excited to get stuck in. It was delicious!!!

Toby Carvery
Yum! Roast dinner

I came back to the room and slept for a few hours, and then woke up around 3pm to start getting ready. My friend Alice works in the City, so we met at Liverpool Street station and then walked to Old Spitalfields Market to get a bite to eat.

Ready to meet Alice
Alice and I
Old Spitalfields Market

We got some Chinese food from the market and then moved on to a cafe nearby as the market was pretty cold. We sat for hours talking and catching up, that I didn’t take any other pictures, but it was such a lovely night!! We had so much to talk about! Later on, I stocked up on some goodies from Boots, and then got the train back via Paddington Station and had to get a picture on the famous Paddington Bear bench!

Paddington Bear

I slept right away as it was an early morning pick up the next day. I had such a great time in London, and it made a nice change catching up with a friend.

After landing back in Dubai, I had one day off, and then I was heading back to London again – this time to London Gatwick. I was very excited for this one as my Mum suggested that she comes to the hotel with my Nephew Hadley and stays with me instead of going home. I couldn’t wait to see them and spend the night all together in the hotel. I landed in the evening, showered and then we all went downstairs to the hotel restaurant where they had a buffet dinner on.

Hadley like a boss in the middle
Buffet dinner in the hotel

We had so much fun in the hotel, messing around and playing games. It was SO nice having them in the hotel with me, it was just a shame my sister Cara couldn’t have been there too, but unfortunately she had to work!

Three in the bed…

Three of us sleeping in the bed was interesting! I woke up with legs and arms all over me!!


The next morning, we had a lazy morning and was in no rush to go out. We had originally planned to spend the day in Brighton, but as it was pouring of rain all day, we decided to give it a miss and explore Crawley instead. We walked into the city centre and did some Christmas shopping and then had lunch in Pizza Express.

Good morning
Shopping in Crawley



It was the most perfect night and day, spending it with Mum and Hadley. We had so much fun and so many laughs.

My next post will be all about how we spent Christmas day at home.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

4 thoughts on “London, UK

  1. Loved every second of it too. Really couldn’t understand why Hadley found the phone by the lifts so funny. Can you 🤣🤣🤣


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