December 2019 Roster

It is the most exciting month of the year so I was looking forward to seeing where I would end up for Christmas and New Year. Safe to say, I am very happy! Next month, I shall be heading to…

Kochi, India (Turnaround)
Dammam, Saudi Arabia (Turnaround)
New York, USA (Layover)
London Heathrow, UK (Layover)
London Gatwick, UK (Layover)
London Gatwick, UK (Layover) **CHRISTMAS EVE/CHRISTMAS DAY**
Muscat, Oman (Turnaround)

Starting off the month with two turnarounds, which I don’t mind as I’ve got quite a few days off in between. I will then be going to one of my favourite places – New York City! I bidded for this flight as I’ve always wanted to go to New York around Christmas and see all of the Christmas decorations, and of course go ice skating in Central Park (or at the Rockefeller Centre). Hopefully I will also see one of my best friends, Becky too!

Next, I have three flights to London!!!!! But most importantly, I will be flying to London on Christmas Eve and spending most of Christmas Day with my family! I am over the moon about this, especially after not seeing them last year. I cannot wait and I’m so glad I will be spending Christmas at home. I also have two other London flights before, so I’m sure I will catch up with some friends and do some last minute Christmas shopping.

At the end of the month, I have a turnaround to Muscat which is actually the shortest turnaround that we have, so hopefully it will be a nice and easy day. For some reason, I have only got my roster up until 30 December, so I don’t actually know where I will be spending New Year’s Eve yet, so I will have to wait for the next roster to come out for that. Hopefully I will have a day off as I’d love to spend it in Dubai, but we will see.

Although there are no new destinations this month, I am thrilled to be spending Christmas in London so I’m not complaining one bit!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


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