Entebbe, Uganda

I visited Entebbe a few months ago, so when I saw it on my roster again this month, I tried to send a few swaps but no one accepted so I found myself heading back there! I didn’t mind really as it is a quick and easy flight and the resort we stay in is beautiful! We landed around 2pm and then made our way over to the hotel. Almost everyone working in Economy wanted to visit the orphanage that I went to last time, so I decided to go along with them again.

We bought lots of food and toiletries to bring with us in a local supermarket and then we drove to the orphanage.

Nsambya Babies Home








We played with the children for a few hours and shared around all of the sweets and treats we had bought for them. It was so lovely spending time with them and seeing them laugh and have fun.

After this, we returned to the hotel and I just ordered some room service as I didn’t fancy going down for dinner.

Dinner – Room service

The next morning, I woke up early and had breakfast outside overlooking the gorgeous resort. I had a walk around and then came back to the room to call my family and catch up on some TV on my laptop before the flight back to Dubai!

Lake Victoria


That wraps up my second time in Uganda! I very much enjoyed the layover and I’m really glad I went back to the orphanage.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

4 thoughts on “Entebbe, Uganda

  1. What an incredible day, Kerry! I absolutely love your travel recaps! I totally think you should include your hotel/resort reviews too so we can know the best places to stay if we get the chance to travel to these on Air Emirates! 🙂


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