Paris, France

I had a couple of days off so I decided to fly as a passenger on Mamdouh’s flight to Paris! I was in Paris last year for Christmas so this time I wanted to do something different and go to Disneyland!

We reached the hotel around 3pm (a bit later than expected due to a flight delay), got changed and then ordered an Uber to take us to Disneyland. It was a bit rainy but that didn’t take away the magic of Disney! There really is no place like Disneyland – the music, the characters, the rides and all of the decorations.

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Disney at Halloween

IMG_7708 2IMG_4130

Our first stop was the castle and then we got ready to watch the parade. I wasn’t expecting it to be so busy because of the rain, but then I realised it was half term so all the children were on their school holidays!

The castle!


Me and Mam

The first ride we went on was Big Thunder Mountain – we ended up queuing for about an hour, however it was so much fun and a good way to start! We then went on the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride, Buzz Lightyears Laser Blast, Its a Small World, Peter Pan’s flight and a few more in between! It was such a great day, even though it was freezing cold and a bit rainy!

Next in line!
Big Thunder Mountain
Complete it
Pirates of the Caribbean
It’s a Small World
Laser Blast

We were going to watch the firework show, but as it didn’t start until 10pm, we thought we’d give it a miss and head back as we were feeling pretty tired at this point. We had one last look in some of the souvenir shops and then made our way out in search for some dinner.




We had dinner in Vapiano which is just as you come out of Disneyland and then got an Uber back to the hotel. The next morning, we was up and out and ready to fly back to Dubai. It was such a quick whistle stop but we had such a good time and the perfect way to spend a few days off.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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