Entebbe, Uganda

I swapped onto this flight as I had back-to-back Frankfurt, and I was personally very pleased with the swap as I am keen to see more of Africa. I couldn’t wait to see what Uganda looked like so I was very excited for the flight.

The flight over from Dubai was only 5 hours, and we arrived in Entebbe just after lunch. We stay in a beautiful resort right on Lake Victoria. It felt like I was on holiday although I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about my bed which was covered in a mosquito net – I usually always get bitten so wasn’t looking forward to getting eaten alive.

Welcome to Entebbe
Bed for the night
Balcony view

I met downstairs with another girl and we had a driver from the hotel take us to a local craft market and then onto a fruit and veg market. It was absolutely fascinating driving around Uganda and seeing how the locals live – definitely eye opening. We got to the craft market and looked around for ages at all the different hand made souvenirs.


Craft market


We then drove to the fruit and veg market which had a completely different feel. It was very local and it seemed most of the people there had never seen any tourists before! We felt like celebrities, everyone was starring and asking to take selfies with us, although I forgot to join in so I only had 1 photo from there!

Fruit and veg market

On our way back to the hotel, we stopped off along the road for some grilled corn on the cob which cost something ridiculous like 5p!!


We arrived back at the hotel and instead of going for dinner downstairs, I decided to order some room service and get an early night. I couldn’t believe the size of the avocados I bought – absolutely huge!



The next morning, I arranged with the same driver to visit the orphanage nearby as I had some donations to bring to them. I woke up around 7am and then met the driver downstairs at 8am.



I visited Nsambya Babies Home which is a home for babies and children up to 6 years old who have been abandoned/neglected and have been brought in by the local police and authorities. The home looks after them and provides care and education. It was extremely sad visiting but the children were so friendly. I helped to feed one of the babies their bottle and played with the children for a while so I felt like I had done something to help.


I left the Home and returned back to the hotel and decided to have a little walk around the resort. It was a shame the weather was cloudy as I’m sure it would have looked much nicer if it was sunny but I walked along Lake Victoria and then went back to my room to chill out before the flight back to Dubai!

049B1D7D-E343-43F7-90D1-2B8609C918FA 2

It was then time to get ready and head back to Dubai. I had an amazing time in Entebbe and I’m so glad I got to see a taster of Uganda. There is loads to do here, I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back and I hope to see a lot more of Africa soon. I’m really excited to visit Zimbabwe, Ghana, Guinea and Senegal which are all countries that Emirates flies to.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo




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