New York, USA

I was supposed to be heading on a 5 day multi-sector trip to Singapore and Melbourne but unfortunately I was sick. I was then rostered New York which was quite a shock as I wasn’t prepared for a 13 and a half hour flight!

Sunrise in Dubai – On my way to work

We had quite a delay on ground in Dubai so we departed late, then more delays in JFK airport and gridlock traffic all the way to the hotel so it was a very long day to say the least! However, I really wanted to go and see a Broadway show so as soon as we arrived at the hotel at 6pm, I ran out of the door to Times Square to try and see what last minute tickets were on sale. I got lucky and bought a ticket to Pretty Woman showing at 7pm! Pretty Woman is one of my favourite films and is such a classic!! I was so excited! I just about had time for a McDonald’s before the show and then made my way in.

Pretty Woman
Nederlander Theatre


My seats were great – 5 rows from the front! The show was absolutely INCREDIBLE! I honestly never expected it to be so good. The actors, the set, the music, everything about it was so so good. The whole theatre gave a standing ovation at the end, and I found out later on it was actually the first night that the new cast (Jillian Mueller and Brennin Hunt, playing Vivian and Edward) took over. You would never have known as they were so brilliant. I’m so glad I managed to get tickets and go, even if I was struggling to keep my eyes open at the very end. I can now say I’ve ticked ‘see a Broadway show’ off the list!


I then walked back to the hotel through Times Square which is always so amazing at night.


The next day I didn’t fancy doing too much so I slept in until about 11am and then decided to stay near the hotel. I went for breakfast at Pret and then walked down Fifth Avenue to have a look in the shops. I didn’t find anything so then I walked through Bryant Park.

Fifth Avenue
Bryant Park
Bryant Park
Bryant Park

I got lunch and did some food shopping in Whole Foods and then walked back to the hotel to watch a movie before the flight back. Of course, I opted for Pretty Woman!


It was then time for the 13 hour flight back to Dubai. It was definitely an unexpected trip but I am so glad I got to see a Broadway show! As always, I had an amazing time in New York.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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