New York, USA

This was my second time visiting New York and I was very excited about this flight as I was finally meeting up with one of my best friends, Becky who lives in New York! Last time I was here, she was on a work trip so we didn’t get a chance to meet so this time we made sure we would catch up.

The flight from Dubai to JFK International Airport was around 13 hours, and we landed around 2pm. We made our way over to the hotel where I showered and got ready to meet Becky and her boyfriend Marko. I met them downstairs in the lobby and then we walked to Times Square.

Times Square
Becky and Marko
Me and Becky


It was SO good seeing Becky and catching up! She moved to New York when we were in College and it’s the first time I’ve actually been to New York and seen her! It was well overdue and I’m definitely going to make an effort to come to New York more often now. We went to a lovely rooftop restaurant/bar called Haven and had dinner and a couple of drinks.

Haven Rooftop


We went to the another little bar after this but as it was a Sunday night, Becky and Marko both had work the next morning so we left about 10pm and I came back to the hotel room. The next morning, I had a nice long lie in as I didn’t want to wear myself out before the long flight back. I decided to go to Brooklyn Bridge so I took the Subway to High Street and then walked onto the bridge. It was a lovely sunny day too which was great!


Brooklyn Bridge


NY selfie


I then walked to Chinatown for some lunch where I ordered up some shrimp fried rice followed by a fortune cookie. I didn’t hang around long as I wanted to come back and rest before the flight.



I had such an amazing time in New York! The highlight was definitely meeting Becky and I can’t wait to make this more of a regular thing. I really love New York and there is still so much I need to see and do. Next time, I hope I can visit around Christmas and go ice skating in Central Park as well as visit the Statue of Liberty.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

6 thoughts on “New York, USA

  1. I love New York…always new things to see and do on every visit there. If you haven’t done it try a walk along the High Line. An old railway line now filled with gardens and some great photo opportunities and refreshment opportunities 😀


  2. Good article! I never had the chance to go to NYC, maybe one, I hope…
    Btw it looks a really good idea to ice skating in Central Park! Hope you’ll get an US flight next month!!! 😊


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