London, UK

Time for another London flight and I couldn’t be any happier to go home! We departed Dubai at 3pm and then landed into Heathrow Airport around 8pm. I headed straight to the hotel instead of going home as I live over the other side of London which takes ages to get to, so I figured it would make more sense to stay at the hotel and then meet my family the next morning.

Touch down in Heathrow

The next morning, I got ready and got the tube towards central London. My mum and sister and agreed to meet me in Notting Hill for a nice little day out. I’ve never been to Notting Hill before so it was something different and perfect for a Sunday afternoon. We walked around seeing all the pretty coloured houses and then stopped off on Portobello Road to have a look in all the old vintage/antique shops.


Portobello Road


Notting Hill
Cara, Mum and I

As it was a Sunday, we stopped off at a nearby pub and got ourselves a Sunday roast dinner which I haven’t had since I moved to Dubai nearly one year ago! It was sooo good. We then got an ice cream each and carried on walking around.

Roast dinner
Ladies who lunch!
Salted caramel all the way



I had such a lovely day with my mum and sister exploring a new part of London and having a good old roast dinner. The layover always go so quickly but I am lucky that I get to go home often and see them! Hopefully next month I’ll have another London flight.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


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