July 2019 Roster

It is that time of the month when the roster comes out, and in July I shall be heading to…

Kuwait City, Kuwait (Turnaround)
Chennai, India (Layover)
New York, USA (Layover)
Karachi, Pakistan (Turnaround)
Kolkata, India (Layover)
Singapore-Melbourne, Australia (Multi-sector) **Sick**
Bangkok, Thailand (Layover)
Shanghai, China (Layover) **Sick**

I’m really looking forward to the multi sector trip to Singapore and Melbourne as I haven’t done this one before, and I have a friend living in Singapore so it will be nice to have a catch up with her. I’ve also not been to Melbourne so I’m excited to visit a new city in Australia!

I have a couple of India layovers which is great as normally they are turnarounds, so I will actually get to do something and hopefully see a bit more of the country rather than just the airport!

I have New York as well, which was one of my favourite layovers so far and there is still so much I need to see and do there. I think I will head to Brooklyn and the Statue of Liberty this time.

Although I love Bangkok, I have been so many times I might try and see if I can swap it for something different, so I will keep an eye out for something new. I then have Shanghai where I have been before but I’m quite excited to go back and see what else I can do there.

All in all, not a bad roster so I’m pretty pleased!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


6 thoughts on “July 2019 Roster

  1. Hello Kerry,
    I live in Dubai too, but Chennai is my hometown. It is a hospitable city,but the heat and traffic are unbearable. You can visit Mahabalipuram temple which is an hour and half drive. Try some South Indian dishes like Idli and Sambar.Hope you don’t hate our city for its traffic.


    1. Hi Kumar, thank you for your comment. I’m sure I won’t hate Chennai, I’m really looking forward to it 😊 thanks for the food recommendations too, I will definitely try those!


  2. Wowww !!! Another USA flight !!! As you said you get one almost every month (which is super great actually). I am glad you will see beautiful places next month ( Asia, Australia !!!). By the way Chennai is a really beautiful city, I have 2 friends who they come from there, they showed me pictures… WOWWWW wonderful… ( PS : random question : do you success to sleep in crew rest compartment? I wondered because I saw many Emirates cabin crew said that they never manage to sleep during them rest time in CRC…)


    1. Thanks Emma! A very exciting roster with lots of new places 😆 I actually always sleep really well in the CRC! As soon as my head touches the pillow I’m gone! But yeah you are right, a lot of the crew find it hard to switch off


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