Birmingham, UK

My first flight back after my annual leave was to Paris, but I changed it last minute to Birmingham so that I could fly with Mamdouh! We did this exact same flight together a few months ago but it seems to be the only flight we can swap onto together! It didn’t matter though as flying with someone you know makes everything so much better.

Mamdouh and I ready to fly to Birm!

We had to report to work at 5:20am so not the best time to start but after 10 days off, I was ready to get back into it. The flight was busy but I always prefer that rather than just sitting around staring at the clock! We landed into Birmingham just after lunch time and made our way to the hotel.

I didn’t get a chance to eat on the flight because of how busy it was so I was dying to go to Nando’s next door to the hotel for some food. We changed quickly and went straight out. Embarrassingly we’d packed the exact same outfit so we looked like one of those cringey couples that matches their clothes to each other!! Definitely NOT planned!


We had our Nando’s which was delicious! Nando’s doesn’t taste the same in Dubai so it was a nice treat. We then went to the outlet mall which is near our hotel to have a look in the shops. I bought myself a Levi’s hoodie which was a bargain!


We didn’t really know what to do with ourselves and as Mamdouh wasn’t feeling too well, so we came back to the hotel and rested for a couple of hours. Later on in the evening, we went for a walk around the lake.


We thought we would see what was on in the cinema and there was a film about to start called ‘Ma’ so we bought tickets and went in. It ended up being such a good movie! Very weird and creepy but we both loved it!


The pick up the next day was in the morning so it really was just a flying visit. European layovers always go so quickly but I had such a lovely time.

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo


3 thoughts on “Birmingham, UK

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