Sydney, Australia

It was time for another Australia flight, and this time, I was heading back to Sydney! In the last four months of flying, I have been to Sydney three times already so this was my fourth time. As I did a lot of the sights and touristy things last time, I didn’t have much planned and instead, wanted to just chill out on the beach. You can read about my last visit here.

The flight to Sydney was completely full so it was very busy and it was pretty much non-stop for the entire 14 hours (minus the 2.5 hour rest in the crew rest compartment) so I was definitely ready to land and go straight to sleep in the hotel, after some room service of course.

Room service

I woke up the next morning about 9am and called my family who were only just going to bed the night before. The different time zones still amazes me! I then got ready and made my way to the metro station where I took the train to Bondi Junction. I then took the 333 bus to Bondi Beach.

Mascot – Bondi Junction
Bondi mosaics
Bondi mosaics

I got off the bus and was greeted by the most beautiful views of Bondi Beach. I was really lucky with the weather as the day before it was raining, however, the day I was there it was 30 degrees with nothing but sun – ideal for a day of laying on the beach!

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach


For such a busy and popular beach, I was so impressed at how clean and well kept it is. The sand is so white and the water is so clear. I can see why it is such a popular tourist attraction.

I got myself an iced lemonade and then set up my spot for the day. The sun in Australia is very strong so I made sure I had my factor 50 on! Even though it was so hot, the sea was absolutely freezing which I wasn’t expecting.

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach

Every time I come to Australia, I always watch Bondi Rescue on the TV in the hotel rooms so it was funny being there in real life. The lifeguards were driving around with their beach buggies and so many people were asking to take photos of them!

img_3413 2
Bondi Rescue

After a few hours, I walked up to the skate park to see all of the wall art and then went into some of the shops inside Bondi Pavilion.


Dedicated to the Australians who died in the Kuta club bombing in 2002 in Bali
Bondi wall art
Del Boy – my fave!

It was then time to head back to the hotel as I wanted to have an early night before the 3am wake up call. I stopped off at Bondi Junction and had a walk around Westfield Shopping Centre, but didn’t end up buying anything. Instead, I got the train back to the hotel and bought a few bits of food from Woolworths.

I had a great time in Sydney relaxing on the beach all day but really hope I get to see a bit more of other Australian cities next time – I really want to visit Melbourne and Brisbane!

Now time to enjoy my two days off!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo



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