February 2019 Roster

The February roster is out, and this month I shall be heading to…

Paris, France (Layover) **Edit – this flight was changed to London, UK**
Beijing, China (Layover) **Edit – this flight was changed for two turnarounds to Tehran, Iran and Thiruvananthapuram, India**
Chennai, India (Turnaround)
Johannesburg, South Africa (Layover)
Bali, Indonesia (Layover)
London, UK (Layover)

I am over the moon with my roster this month, finally a London flight! SO SO happy! I’m also so excited to go back to Beijing – I travelled around China for a month and I absolutely love the pure chaos of the country!

I’ve also been to Bali on holiday before but it is the most beautiful place so I am excited to go back! I would like to try out the Bali Swing as it wasn’t built when I was last there.

Johannesburg is a new destination for me and I’m ready to go back to South Africa and explore a bit more as I didn’t get up to much on my last layover in Durban.

Hopefully I’ll be able to swap Paris for something else as I’ve only just been there! We will see.

An exciting month ahead!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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