London, UK

I was supposed to be going to Glasgow in Scotland, then the day before my flight, my roster was changed to airport standby. I didn’t mind the change but I was hoping for a good alternative!

I was up about 5am and headed to the airport, ready to find out where in the world I would be flying to. I was on the bus when I checked my phone and I saw LHR flash up – I was going to LONDON Heathrow!!!!!!!! I cannot describe the happiness I felt, I wanted to cry! After three months living in Dubai, I was ready to go back home and see my family! I decided to surprise my mum so I text her before my flight and told her I was going to Casablanca in Morocco.


This is how happy I was!

The flight to London was absolutely amazing. I was in the best mood ever so nothing could phase me! It went really quick and before I knew it, I was landing in rainy Heathrow – typical!

After checking into the hotel, I changed my clothes in 5 minutes and then made my way home. I took a taxi to the underground station and then got the tube to my mum’s work. It felt great to be back in central London, back on the Jubilee line – it’s the little things you miss!


Back in my old stomping ground – London Bridge!

I then arrived at my mum’s work and asked the reception to call her down and tell her that she had a visitor. I was so excited to surprise my mum! I recorded a video of it and took a screenshot of my mum’s face. She was SO shocked and surprised! I honestly thought she was going to have a heart attack!!

Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 19.02.30
So shocked bless her!
SO happy to see her!

It was the best feeling surprising her and it all went to plan so smoothly! As it was early afternoon, she had to go back to work, so I made my way towards my sisters house, but stopped off at my local eyebrow and nail shop to get the essentials done! It’s just not the same in Dubai!

I arrived at my sisters in the evening and we decided to surprise my Nephew Hadley too. My sister told him that she was bringing him home a surprise from work. He was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed when I walked in! He was also so shocked but it was a lovely surprise and he was so happy to see me.

Reunited again
Nothing like a good old brew at home

We played lots of games with my nephew, then drove to Sainsbury’s as I wanted to stock up on lots of English food – mostly chocolate, sweets and biscuits. We then treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway.

I had the most amazing night with them, it was like old times, sitting around the TV having a takeaway.

My nephew Hadley

We was all up early the next morning as my Mum and Sister had work, and my Nephew had school. We left about 7am, and I said my goodbyes to Hadley and then my Mum. My sister dropped me into central London where I then got a tube back to the hotel.

Saying my goodbyes

Before I knew it, I was back at the hotel and had to get ready for my flight back to Dubai. I had the most amazing time ever in London. It really was the best surprise ever and I am so glad I got changed from my Glasgow flight. It could not have been any better and I’m so glad I got to spend some quality time with family.

Bye bye London

Hopefully I’ll be back again soon!

Thanks for reading.

Kerry May xo

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